How to Prolong the Useful Life of Your Car Battery


The greater dependence of recent cars on electrical systems puts an added load on car batteries. You need to take extra care of your car battery if you would like it to have a prolonged useful life. This article discusses some measures that can help you to prolong the life of your car battery.

Break In New Batteries

Newly bought car batteries may not perform at their highest level when you have just placed that battery in your car. It is therefore advisable for you to avoid using functions and appliances, such as the aftermarket stereo you installed, when you have just installed the battery. This precaution will allow the battery to be discharged gradually by routine activities, such as starting the car or using its headlights. The battery will increase its performance level once it discharges and recharges a few times. This break-in process may take a few days before you can use all the electronics in the car at a go.

Watch Your Driving Habits 

Many people drive within urban centers on a daily basis. This type of driving does not allow the alternator to charge the battery fully because the car travels at a slow speed. Over time, the battery may develop a condition known as acid stratification. Acid stratification is the concentration of acid in the lower sections of the battery because of the battery being denied a full charge for a long time. Once acid stratification occurs, the performance of the battery will go down and the battery may fail prematurely. The reduced performance happens because the conductivity of the electrolyte in the upper part of the battery goes down. You can prevent this problem by occasionally taking a long drive outside the urban center so that the battery can receive a full charge. This will keep it working at a high level for a long time.

Match Batteries to Applications

The battery that you purchase in your car is sufficient for the power requirements of the electronics or functions that the car comes with, such as operating the AC and powering the lights. It is therefore advisable for you to upgrade to a more powerful battery when you install more powerful electronics, such as an aftermarket music system, in that car. The bigger battery will be able to cope with the added power demands made upon it without being discharged excessively during normal use. In this way, the battery will quickly reach full charge as you drive. This will save it from the risk of acid stratification and premature failure.

Talk to a battery service technician for additional advice on how you can protect your car battery from an early failure. This will save you from the cost and inconvenience of getting roadside assistance each time your battery fails.


7 June 2016

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