Why Used Car Buyers Should Perform a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection


Poorly maintained and serviced cars can breakdown at any time, but they are also potential road safety hazards. Routine car inspections are meant to check the general condition of a car so as to minimise vehicular failures and prevent car accidents. Hence, a car inspection schedule is required to make sure car owners take their vehicles for periodic checks in order to keep the vehicle in roadworthy condition. But existing car owners are not the only ones that need car inspections — used car buyers also need to have these inspections performed prior to finalising any purchase transaction. 

If you are looking forward to buying a used car, you might first want to know why used car buyers should have a car inspection carried out before making any car purchase deal. 

Enjoying peace of mind

Buying a used car is a large purchase that you want to make prudently and correctly. Most likely, you work hard to earn your money and so you will want to make sure you are getting the full worth of every penny you spend on the purchase. A qualified mechanic or auto technician can conduct a thorough inspection of the car you want to buy to determine its mechanical, cosmetic and safety condition, so as to help you know if you are getting a good value for money deal or you're getting a raw deal. If you rely on the car inspection report provided by your vehicle inspector to make a purchase decision, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that you bought something worthwhile. 

Taking advantage of the warranty

In order to convince buyers that the car being sold is in good working condition, car dealers or sellers often offer a warranty on the vehicles they put up for sale. Essentially, a warranty is a written promise to rectify specified issues that may arise within a certain period after a car has been sold. The job of a car inspector is to give a car a clean bill of health, but also to identify or reveal any issues that may need to be rectified by the manufacturer or seller before expiry of the warranty provided to car buyers. This has the potential to save lots of dollars that may be spent on repairs that are already covered by the warranty. 

While it may not be mandatory, it is advisable to perform a pre-purchase inspection of the car you want to buy, as there are obvious benefits associated with carrying out the inspection.


8 May 2017

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