What You Need to Consider Before You Take Your Car Hopping


Do you want to take advantage of one of the latest crazes to hit the Australian auto market? You may have seen people driving around in low riders and would love to convert your car accordingly. However, how does this type of hydraulic equipment really work and would it be suitable for your vehicle?

Hydraulic Adjustment

Manufacturers will typically design a car so that it sits in a certain position for everyday use and this is uniform across a model range. If you want to adjust this, you will have to install a specific hydraulics component, so that you can adjust the ride height according to your particular need at that time. Sometimes it will look really great while it is set at its lowest position, and this may be perfect for demonstrations. However, it's not really practical for everyday driving, especially if you're taking your car onto a dirt track. In this case, you have to readjust the height of the vehicle with the installed hydraulic pumps.

How It All Works

Usually, one different pump is installed for each of the wheels on the car. Within these there are adjustable pistons, which are meant to replace traditional suspension absorbers. They work together with the standard springs on your car to balance out the ride. You will initially need to put bump stops in place so that the springs can only operate within specific parameters. These are a safety measure, to ensure that the vehicle is never unsafe.

Hydraulic pumps operate by pushing oil under a certain amount of pressure through various internal components, which are configured specially according to the rating of the pump. The internal conduits have different measurements. These allow you to adjust the suspension through a variety of different heights, allowing the vehicle to move up and down at different speeds.

The rate of pressurisation within each master cylinder is controlled, but there is also another component, which is known as an accumulator. This tends to balance out the movements, so they are not unpredictable. It also allows you to perform a signature move, preferred by low riders everywhere, called "hopping."

Is it Authorised?

Before you take any action, ensure that the particular kit you want to install is okay with regulators in your location. Certain authorities have specific laws relating to hydraulic adjustment. In addition, you will need to upgrade your electrical system, so that it can deal with the requirements of each hydraulic pump.

Getting Expert Help

Have a word with a specialist to ensure that your system is installed correctly and always configured properly, so that you can have a lot of fun at demonstrations, while ensuring everything is safe.


31 May 2017

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