What Causes Manual Transmission Failures?


Like any other car owner, you want your vehicle to function reliably at all times. Arranging for routine car servicing is critical in this regard, as it helps to identify and remedy problems early, in turn, minimising the need to perform costly repairs. If you drive a manual car, one of the costly repairs you can prevent by taking your car for regular servicing is manual transmission repairs. Manual transmissions are complex mechanical systems, which regulate the transfer of power from the engine of a car to the driveshaft in order to turn the wheels and make the vehicle move.

Manual transmission failures can be caused by a number of different factors, including but not limited to:

Normal wear and tear of parts

Your manual transmission consists of various mechanical components including gears, shafts, seals and gaskets that wear down due to the extremes of everyday use. Worn out components usually generate transmission noise, which can make driving quite an unpleasant experience. If you hear grinding or screeching noise while you are changing gears, for example, it is likely that some moving components of your transmission are overly worn out and need to be replaced immediately. A qualified mechanic can identify the faulty parts of your transmission and replace them with compatible spare parts.

Clutch issues

Clutches are wear items, but they are discussed separately because they can last for the entire service life of the vehicle if maintained properly. Bad or faulty clutches can lead to difficulties when shifting between gears. When your clutch is not working properly, the engine will rev; however, your vehicle won't move as it should or it won't move at all. If you feel that your clutch pedal is not doing its job properly, you should ask a qualified mechanic to check out the problem. They will determine whether you require a new clutch or simply need a clutch adjustment.

Transmission fluid issues

Ineffective transmission fluid or low transmission fluid level is a common cause of manual transmission breakdowns. This is because it results in poor lubrication of moving components and also causes overheating. Not having the right amount of transmission fluid can accelerate wear and tear of transmission components due to increased friction between metal parts. It is, therefore, important to change your transmission fluid regularly and seal any leaks before they can cause extensive damage to your transmission.

Scheduling for regular car servicing is a great way of ensuring your manual transmission is properly taken care of. For the most part, this will help you avoid transmission breakdowns that may be costly to repair.


27 October 2017

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