What to Know About Common Audi Transmission Issues You May Experience


Owning an Audi has several advantages, but like any other vehicle, there are issues that will come up. Some of these issues are things such as flat tires, brake replacements or repair and basic servicing. There are some issues that you may run into that are common, but may be something unexpected or that you have not dealt with. Here are a few of the common Audi transmission issues you may experience and what you need to know about each one.

Converter Clutch Issues

There are some issues with vehicles that deal with the clutch slipping. This is something that may be common in certain models of Audi vehicles. There could be several reasons that this occurs, but an Audi transmission service technician may tell you that it is a problem with the seal. If this happens several or more times, then it could cause the clutch to slip and finally breakdown beyond the need for repair or replacement. If you start to feel the clutch slip, and it happens more than once, you should take it into the service department to have a diagnostic run and seals checked to avoid costly replacement.

Fluid Level Issues

A problem some Audi owners may experience is with the transmission fluid levels. Sometimes the fluid levels can leak or the seals can become faulty and allow leaks to happen. As the fluid level drops, you will begin to notice issues in your transmission ranging from slipping gears, slow changing of gears, or the inability to change gears in severe cases. If you notice any of these issues, start keeping a closer eye on your fluid levels. If you notice a severe dip in the fluids, even after topping them off again, then you need to have the Audi transmission service department check for leaks.

Repeated Check Engine Light Issues

When your check engine light comes on, you may think that it is low oil or other related issue. In fact, some car owners may ignore this for a day or so, especially if the light turns off. If the light turns off and back on once or twice, it may be a fuse issues. If the light continues to keep going on and off keep in mind that the engine light will come on when there have been a series of fail issues in the engine that have triggered the light to come on and notify you of a problem. Make sure if the light keeps coming on and going off or stays on, that you have a diagnostic run on the system to determine the first fail and what may be triggering the light.

These are just three of the common Audi transmission issues that you may experience and what you need to know about each one. If you think you may be experiencing the early stages of any of these three, or other transmission issues, consider visiting your Audi transmission service department. They can run a system diagnostic test and help you with pricing and other related issues to the possible repairs.


26 December 2017

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