How a Faulty Catalytic Converter Can Lead to Poor Performance


Do you feel as if your car is not performing as it should, as it is really sluggish when you're trying to overtake a slower vehicle? You may wonder what is wrong with the engine, especially if you recently took it in for a major service. However, the problem may not be related to the engine, per se, but could be within the exhaust system and in particular, the catalytic converter. What could be wrong?

What Is the Converter?

In modern vehicles, the catalytic converter is a standard component fitted in the middle of the exhaust system that is designed to convert toxic gases into harmless compounds. This component represents a nod to environmentalists, who believe that exhaust gases are harmful to both the population and the environment. Contrary to what some people think, the converter is not the same as the silencer, which is a separate component that is found between the converter and the end pipe.

Excess Fuel

Usually, the converter will work without issue, but in certain circumstances it can be damaged by road debris or a poorly performing engine. It can also be affected if you've been using a petrol that is a grade higher than the one recommended for your vehicle. Some people get into this habit as they think that it can only be beneficial for their car, but in truth it will only cause over-ignition during the combustion phase, and excess fuel may find its way all the way down into the catalytic converter.

Pressure Buildup

Poor engine performance can be traced to back-pressure that was caused by a faulty catalytic converter. In this case, exhaust gases are becoming trapped within the pipe rather than flowing all the way through, and this can prevent the engine from breathing as it should. In turn, the car will be slow to accelerate when called upon to do so.

Taking Action

The only way to be really sure is to take the vehicle into a mechanic and ask them to do an emissions test. They will attach a special machine to the tailpipe and register the carbon emissions coming out when the engine is under load. If this reading is too high, you will need to get the catalytic converter changed as soon as possible. If you don't, additional damage could be caused throughout the exhaust system or to the engine itself. Furthermore, you could fail a mandatory pollution test and be subject to a fine.

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9 August 2018

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