Are You Taking Care of Your Transmission Sump Properly?


As you may know, your car's automatic transmission contains a myriad of moving parts, all of which are very cleverly engineered to take the work out of driving. You may need an engineering degree to understand exactly how all this works, but you know that it needs to be maintained in good condition if you are to avoid problems in future. However, did you realise that the component that fits on the very bottom of the transmission casing and which stores the spare oil is just as important as the gears and bearings inside?

More Than Meets the Eye

The transmission sump or pan will act as the fluid repository and can store as much as half of all the automatic transmission fluid within the system at any one time. You may nevertheless think that this is simply a storage device and cannot have much bearing on vehicle operation by itself. Here, you would be wrong as you do need to pay close attention to its condition as problems can quickly arise.

Attracting Metal

Inside the transmission sump is a powerful magnet and this helps to attract tiny flecks of metal that will appear during the normal course of operation. The fluid is meant to lubricate all the moving parts, of course, but a certain amount of deterioration is inevitable, and those tiny particles need to be gathered in a safe place to avoid future damage.

General Care

It's important to make sure that the transmission sump is in good condition and is not damaged by any stones or other road debris that could strike it from beneath. You should also ensure that you do not elevate the vehicle by using a floor jack underneath the sump itself, as you need to find a cross-member for this purpose instead. Otherwise, you could easily damage the sump and the magnet contained inside.

Changing Gaskets

Also, make sure that you keep an eye on the gasket that separates the pan from the underside of the transmission casing. These can perish over time, especially if you use a poor-quality sealant or cork-based gaskets. Try to use a rubber gasket instead, as it will put up with harsh conditions more effectively.

Fixing Leaks

Always keep an eye out for any leaks and take steps to fix immediately if you find one. When you do change the fluid, clean the transmission sump very carefully and make sure that all of the metal shavings are removed from the surface of the magnet.

Taking Steps

Now that you know how important the transmission sump is, you will hopefully take steps to service it properly during the next visit to your mechanic. For more information, contact your local transmission repairs service today for an appointment. 


10 December 2018

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