Keep the Brakes Healthy and Have a Safe and Enjoyable Ride


Driving is more enjoyable when your car is maintained in good condition. Car servicing is critical if you want to enjoy the ride every time you are on the road. Brakes are some of the vital parts of a car that require regular servicing. The condition of your car brakes determines your safety on the road. Pay much attention to the signs that indicate you need to service your brakes. What indicates that you should take your car to a competent mechanic to inspect its brakes and service them? Keep reading.


If your car has antilock brakes, it's sometimes hard to execute an emergency stop on the road. Your brake pedal shouldn't vibrate whenever you try to stop if your brakes are regularly serviced. If they do, you have a brake issue that needs the attention of an experienced mechanic. Most brake bars vibrate when the rotors are warped. You experience vibration pulses through the brake pedal when the uneven surfaces thrum against the pads. Rotors warp when they operate under pressure for a long time. If you haven't strained your brakes but still experience some vibrations in the pedal, then the wheels are misaligned.

Soft Pedals

Does your pedal feel mushy when you press it? The braking system of your car is complex, and it needs to be inspected regularly to enhance safety and comfort while driving. A mushy pedal indicates that something isn't right with the hydraulic system, whether there is air in the line or a brake fluid leak. Some brake pedals grab quickly at the slightest touch even when they aren't mushy. What causes it? This happens due to dirty brake fluid or an unevenly worn rotor. A car servicing mechanic can change the brake fluid to harden the brakes.

Unusual Noises

Don't just listen to the deafening music in your car and ignore other sounds or noises. Driving with your radio volume up isn't just unhealthy for your ears, but for your car too. You won't hear the strange noises that indicate faulty brakes if the music volume in your car is high. Properly maintained brakes shouldn't produce harsh grinding sounds or high-pitched squeals. These noises occur when the calliper metal crushes against the rotors when you apply the brakes, indicating that the brake pads are worn out. Experts in car servicing will inspect the brake system and fix the problem.

Hard pedals and worn pedals also indicate that your brake system needs to be serviced. The rotors should have smooth surfaces, and the thickness of both sides should be equal if your brake system is in good condition. People who service their cars regularly don't experience uneven wear and tear or cracks on the brake pads. A mechanic inspects the callipers, pads and rotors during car servicing to eliminate rust, rotor pits, scratches and pad wear that compromise the health of your brakes.


27 September 2019

Servicing my car as a disabled person

I rely a lot of my car as I am a paraplegic. I can only drive a car that has specially modified with wheel controls, so it's very important that I get my car serviced by a company that knows what it is doing. I also need my car to be serviced quickly as I am very limited in how much I can get around without it. This blog has some tips on how to find a car servicing company that will suit you if driving a disability-modified car. I hope it will be useful to other people with disabilities who rely on their cars as much as me.