Which Transmission Problems Cause Drivers the Most Trouble?


Drivers will often drive on even when they need an auto transmission repair carried out. This is because many transmission repairs can be put off until later. After all, the car still drives. However, ignoring a transmission problem for any length of time can only make the problem worse. If so, the resulting auto transmission repair could be more costly. Consult a mechanic if you think your automatic transmission is developing a fault so that any issues can be picked up at an early stage. What are the most likely faults that will be found?

Grinding at Speed

When your gears grind, it is often a problem that means a more serious fault could be in store. Never delay having your transmission system inspected if there is an aggravated grinding noise that comes from the gearbox. If you notice that there is also a shaking sensation that comes from it when you reach a certain level of revs, the problem could be even worse. Ensure a full auto transmission repair is carried out or you could end up blowing the engine, potentially writing off your car.

Delayed Response

This is sometimes noticeable with automatic transmission systems when you shift from reverse to drive. If the car immediately responds when you are stationary shifting between 'D' and 'R', then there is probably no problem but a delay may mean that the gearbox's lubricants are not functioning as they once did. It might be a leak or just deterioration. Either way, it is likely to be a minor fault that will escalate if you ignore it.

Whining in Neutral

When you put your car into neutral, it should idle at low revs. If this is also accompanied by a whining noise, then the issue is likely to relate to your transmission system. All too often, transmission repairs are needed because internal parts that have simply come loose. The whining you hear may well be a symptom of a loose component that is perfectly serviceable so long as it is tightened up. Again, leaving it may well mean the whining develops into a more serious problem that wrecks the whole gearbox when you engage it.

Burning Odours

The smell of something burning in your transmission system means that something is overheating. There is no good reason for this to occur even on hot days, so immediate action should be taken to remain in a roadworthy condition. More often than not, a mechanic can effect a good auto transmission repair by topping up the fluid level of the system, but if the problem returns, you may need to take further steps.

Contact a mechanic who performs auto transmission repair in your area to learn more.


13 August 2020

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