How to Troubleshoot Air Suspension Issues on Your Truck


Many truck manufacturers opt to fit air suspension to their vehicles to make them more comfortable and easier to handle. This approach will typically help to support precious cargo on board, as it can produce less vibration. If you have a truck that is configured this way, however, you may be facing some issues and will want to know what could be going wrong and, crucially, what you should do.

Air Suspension Make-Up

While there are many different types of air suspension system, the fundamentals may remain the same. You will typically find shock absorbers linked to air springs, all contained within a supporting assembly, fitted with bushings and connected by torque rods. Flexible and static lines will connect the various components and help to maintain the correct pressure over time. If fitted correctly, this system should work particularly well and last for many years, but as with everything else, problems may arise.


You could begin to troubleshoot by identifying the condition and finding the possible cause.

For example, if the driver reports that the ride seems to be very rough all of a sudden, then you first need to look at the primary support assembly and see if any of the components are cracked. You need to look at the height control valve to see if that is correctly set and functioning as it should.

Excessive Bounce

If the vehicle bounces excessively after going over some undulations, then the shock absorbers may be leaking or otherwise damaged. Typically, those parts will need to be replaced, but it is also possible that an air spring is not inflating correctly, and you will need to have a look at the supply mechanism.

Kneeling Down

A tell-tale sign of air suspension failure is a vehicle that will lean to one side or seem to "kneel down" on one corner. While this may also be a symptom of a broken assembly, it could also be bushing failure or one particular air spring that has failed to inflate. Look through the system to check the air supply to that spring and repair it as necessary.

System Longevity

Generally speaking, an air suspension system is highly efficient and equally as durable as the conventional approach. Yet you need to ensure that the truck is serviced on a regular basis and if problems are found, the parts should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Contact a truck servicing company to learn more.


29 September 2020

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