Does Your Trailer Need Servicing? 3 Signs That It Is Time To Call Experts


If your business relies on trailers to move goods from one place to another, you have to make sure they are always in excellent condition. If you ignore regular maintenance checks, your vehicle might break down in the middle of a delivery, which will lead to downtime and losses. Drivers and other members of your staff will typically notice when the trailers develop problems. It is wise to listen to them and call a trailer servicing specialist as soon as possible. 

These are the three significant signs that your trailer parts are worn-out and need servicing. 

When Your Trailer Has Tyre Abnormalities

Your trailer's tyres should always be properly inflated and free from punctures, dents and other damages. The tyres are the only thing between the vehicle and the road. When they fail, your trailer becomes impossible to haul and control. For example, if your tyres are worn-out and you drive your vehicle over rough terrain, one of them could burst, leading to dangerous driving and accidents. 

The ride becomes bumpier as your trailer tyres age and wear out. You can notice uneven tread wear by looking at the wheels of your trailer. It is advisable to regularly check for any signs of trailer tyre damage and call auto service experts for proper maintenance.

When the Trailer Starts Making Strange Noises

The second way to tell that your trailer is worn-out and needs repair is hearing strange noises as you drive down the road. Creaking and squeaking sounds are the most common noises. They indicate that pasts such as leaf springs, dry pivots, spring ends and shackles are rusted. You can have someone listen carefully to figure out where the noise is originating.

Proper maintenance to remove the rust and lubricate the parts will eliminate squeaking sounds. It will also lengthen your trailer's life because it will reduce friction and further corrosion of the parts. 

When the Brakes Don't Work

The other indicator of trailer problems is when the electric or mechanical override brakes do not work when you stop the vehicle. The problem could be a result of fraying in the brake cables. 

A trailer mechanic will inspect your brakes and cables and service what needs improvement. 

As a trailer owner or driver, you should always watch out for signs of trailer trouble. Call an auto expert for servicing and repairs as soon as you suspect your trailer has problems.  


4 January 2021

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