3 Important Reasons to Carry Out Log Book Services


When you buy a new car, you'll be provided with a log book from the vehicle manufacturer. The log book acts as proof of your ownership of the vehicle but also provides useful information on the car maintenance tasks that are to be completed at specific intervals in order to keep the vehicle working at its best. These car maintenance tasks are what are referred to as log book services.

Log book services are primarily designed to maximise the performance of your car while minimising problems that may result in vehicle breakdown, but these services can lead to many other benefits. Check out some of these benefits below.

Preventing Huge Car Repair Bills

No one likes to shell out on expensive car repairs. That's why you shouldn't skip log book services.

Completing log book services helps to meet car maintenance needs in a timely fashion in order to prevent small problems from turning into major car problems that may be expensive to repair. For example, your car needs regular engine oil and oil filter changes to keep running smoothly and efficiently. Dirty engine oil and a clogged engine oil filter can hurt the performance of your engine and increase the risk of damage it.

By carrying out regular inspections and small fixes on your car, you can avoid costly vehicle repair bills down the line.  

Maintaining Your New Vehicle Warranty

New car owners are usually issued with the car manufacturer's warranty to protect themselves from factory defects that may arise while the warranty is still valid. The warranty comes into effect from the date you purchase a new car.

While routine maintenance items and wear and tear items generally aren't covered under a manufacturer's warranty, log book services are required to enjoy the protection of the warranty. If your car manufacturer learns that a covered item failed because you didn't complete the recommended vehicle inspections and fixes on time, your warranty may be rendered invalid.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Car

Proper car maintenance is essential to ensure optimal vehicle safety. If you fail to carry out regular maintenance on your car, it'll inevitably develop problems that will compromise its safety. By carrying out specific tasks that are meant to keep your car running well, you can reduce the chances of accidents caused by car malfunction. That will help to keep you, your passengers, and other road users safe on the road.

It's good to keep your log book in your car so you can conveniently refer to it when the need arises. Make sure your log book services are done by a professional mechanic near you to ensure your vehicle is completely safe and reliable to use.


3 February 2021

Servicing my car as a disabled person

I rely a lot of my car as I am a paraplegic. I can only drive a car that has specially modified with wheel controls, so it's very important that I get my car serviced by a company that knows what it is doing. I also need my car to be serviced quickly as I am very limited in how much I can get around without it. This blog has some tips on how to find a car servicing company that will suit you if driving a disability-modified car. I hope it will be useful to other people with disabilities who rely on their cars as much as me.