3 Ways Optimal Tyre Pressure Improves Farm Yield


Few, if any, newbie farmers know that ignoring tyre pressure on their tractor reduces overall yield. Notably, the simple act of adjusting tyre pressure can help avoid many inconveniences associated with tractor operation and farm production. However, as a novice farmer, you must do whatever it takes to ensure that the tyre pressure on your farm machinery optimises productivity. This article explores why maintaining the correct tyre pressure on farm machinery is crucial to improving farm yield.

Enhances Root Development 

You cannot begin talking about farm yield without referring to crop root development. Properly developed roots enable plants to absorb nutrients and water effectively. However, a tractor's tyre pressure during the planting season can significantly affect root development. For instance, overinflating tyres increases soil compaction and hardening, making it difficult for roots to penetrate the soil. Therefore, you must inspect the tyre pressure before heading into the field. Luckily, improvements in technology allow newbie farmers to use apps on their smartphones to calculate the ideal tyre pressure. All you have to do is feed the necessary data, such as the weight of your farm machinery and soil type, to get an estimate of optimal tyre pressure.

Improve Water Absorption 

The roots of different crops grow to varying depths in search of nutrients. For instance, cabbage roots grow to a depth of between 12-18 inches, while those of carrots grow to 18-24 inches. It means that at least 24 inches of the soil on your field must always be moist when growing carrots. Sadly, it is impossible to achieve the metrics with overinflated agricultural tyres because of increased soil compaction. As overinflated tyres roll along a field, they exert undue stress on the ground, leading to densification and air displacement between the soil grains. In addition, the absence of soil pores makes water absorption difficult and causes poor yield. The only way to reduce soil compaction and increase water absorption is by using the optimal tyre pressure.

Avoid Tyre Spinning 

Tyre spinning occurs when one or more of your agricultural tyres lose traction due to low tread-to-surface friction. Excessive tyre spinning is detrimental because it causes horizontal sliding and causes damage to the soil structure's upper layers. Therefore, it is advisable to match agricultural equipment's tyre pressure to soil type, climatic conditions and level of wear. It goes a long way towards reducing tyre spinning and enhancing overall fuel efficiency.

Reach out to a local agricultural auto shop to learn more about agricultural machinery tyres.


14 June 2021

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