Telltale Signs That your Truck's Alternator Needs Servicing or Replacement


The alternator is a critical component of a truck's electrical system since it performs the all-important task of keeping the battery charged. It is particularly vital for delivery trucks where batteries are constantly overworked, especially in long-distance deliveries. Therefore, when an alternator fails, a truck's electrical system dies. In this regard, truck drivers must know the telltale signs of a failing alternator and call an auto electrician before a truck's electrical system fails. This article highlights top signs that your delivery truck's alternator needs immediate servicing.

Dim/Overly Bright Lights

The behaviour of a truck's lights can tell you whether you have a problematic alternator or not. For example, when you notice that the headlights or cabin lights begin to dim or become unusually bright, the alternator could have an issue. The reason is that an alternator tends to provide inconsistent voltage to lights when it begins to fail, causing the dimming or brightening of lights inside or outside a truck. You should also watch out for flickering lights that shift from dim to bright and vice-versa in a matter of seconds. Notably, you are likely to cause an accident if you drive a truck in such a state; hence, you should have your alternator checked by a qualified auto electrician before getting back on the road.  

Slow Responses From Accessories

When the condition of an alternator deteriorates, the device struggles to supply enough power to a truck's electronics. For instance, power windows might start and stop intermittently when rolling them up or down. Similarly, automatic side mirrors might stop midway when activated. Besides, your radio might shut off for no apparent reason. Such slow responses can be frustrating and even dangerous depending on the affected electrical component. Therefore, timely auto electric services are crucial to ensure that affected truck components function optimally.

Strange Growling Sounds

Sometimes, the sight of a failing alternator is not apparent to some delivery truck drivers. In such cases, certain sounds might clue you in. For example, listen for growling or whining sounds coming from under the hood as telltale signs that an alternator is about to die. Typically, the growling sound is caused by a misalignment between an alternator's pulley and its belt. If a crankshaft's bearings and bushing are okay, the growling sounds confirm that an alternator has a problem. In this case, failure to service or replace an alternator might cause damage to a truck's engine, which is characterised by rattling sounds. 

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12 August 2021

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