Are Your Vehicle's Brake Pads Glazing Over?


Do you find that your vehicle's brakes are inconsistent and that it may sometimes take a lot more effort to bring the car to a halt? If this only seems to apply in certain situations, then you may be suffering from a condition known as "glazing." What is this, why is it only sporadic, and what can you do to fix the situation?

How It Works

When you put your foot on the brake pedal, hydraulic fluid forces a pair of friction pads to rub up against each brake disc. These pads are made from a material designed to degrade slightly each time they touch the desk to create the friction necessary to slow the vehicle down.

High Temperatures

The pads are also designed to work at a certain temperature consistent with the needs of the average motorist. Yet, they may run into problems if the temperature rises too far, as this may cause the pads to harden. If this happens, the surface will take on a smooth or "glazed" appearance, and this will cut down on their ability to slow the brake disc. The car will decelerate but not as quickly as it should, and this will elongate any stopping distances.

Driving Standards

However, this will only happen under certain situations, and, unfortunately, this is typically due to driver behaviour. Do you tend to keep your foot riding on the brake pedal when you are in traffic? If you do, this may cause the pads to catch the disc, and this will elevate the temperatures quickly. You may also apply too much pressure when you are driving down a long, steep hill, and this will also cause the pads to heat up and potentially glaze.

Some drivers tend to accelerate quickly and brake rapidly. Again, this can cause the temperature of the pads to exceed recommendations and cause the material to glaze over.

Mechanical Blame

Nevertheless, it is also possible that an issue with the brake calipers is to blame. Sometimes, they may simply push the pads against the disc without any input from the driver, which will cause them to wear out more quickly.

Regular Servicing

Make sure that you take your vehicle to a mechanic on a regular basis, so that they can look at the condition of your brake pads. If they notice any signs of glazing or excessive wear, then they can replace them. They may also be able to fit performance pads designed to operate in such situations.

If you need help with your brakes, visit an auto shop in your area.


22 November 2021

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I rely a lot of my car as I am a paraplegic. I can only drive a car that has specially modified with wheel controls, so it's very important that I get my car serviced by a company that knows what it is doing. I also need my car to be serviced quickly as I am very limited in how much I can get around without it. This blog has some tips on how to find a car servicing company that will suit you if driving a disability-modified car. I hope it will be useful to other people with disabilities who rely on their cars as much as me.