Why Brake Fluid And Moisture Are A Bad Mix


If you own a car or have been driving for some time, you will already know how important it is to keep a close eye on your brake fluid. In this case, you may be in the habit of checking the reservoir underneath the bonnet and making sure that the fluid comes up to the indicated line. Yet, did you know that you need to replace the fluid from time to time if you're going to keep your braking system in tiptop shape? Why is this?

Fluid Efficiency

Brake fluid is a very carefully engineered product that is designed to operate in extreme conditions. Although you may not realise it, the braking system on your vehicle can often heat up to a very high temperature due to the friction generated when brake pads rub up against rotary discs. These high temperatures will cause the hydraulic brake fluid to heat up so much that it would boil if it did not contain special ingredients designed to avoid that eventuality.

Water Absorption

Yet, as efficient as the brake fluid may be in these conditions, it also has an Achilles heel. It's hygroscopic, which means that it can absorb water, and this is why it is important to keep the lid of the reservoir closed tightly at all times. The fluid would otherwise absorb the moisture in the surrounding air and would quickly deteriorate to the point of failure.

Growing Consequences

Should the fluid absorb too much moisture, those tiny particles of water would certainly boil during normal driving conditions. This would affect the pressure of the brake fluid and make it less efficient. You would have to apply more pressure to the brake pedal to achieve the same objective, as the fluid would not be able to compress the brake pads properly any longer.

Inevitable Infiltration

Unfortunately, some moisture will inevitably get into the system no matter how much attention you pay to that reservoir. Tiny particles of moisture may seep in through cracks in rubber hoses or around connections, and although this may be on a very small scale, it will have repercussions over time.

Next Step

If it's been some time since you changed the brake fluid in your vehicle, it will probably contain a lot more moisture than it did initially. Consequently, you should take the vehicle to a mechanic so that they can inspect the entire system, carry out any repairs as needed and, crucially, replace the brake fluid.

For more information or for assistance, take your car to a car repair shop.


11 April 2022

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