Could A Diminutive Component be the Cause of your Vehicle Cooling Issues?


If your car or truck is overheating and you simply don't know why you may be tempted to blame the radiator. After all, this is the most significant part of the entire cooling system and sits at the front of the vehicle, where it exchanges heat with the surrounding air. Yet the issue could be related to a very much smaller component but nevertheless one that is crucial to the overall operation. So, where should you turn your attention instead?

How the Cooling System Works

As you may know, your vehicle's cooling system includes channels and tubes through which water is pumped for heat distribution. The engine has a network of internal channels built into the block, and as water runs through, it absorbs the heat produced by the combustion process. That water is then pumped out of the engine block and through reinforced rubber tubing to the front-facing radiator. Once this hot water has been sent through the radiator matrix, it will have been cooled by the passing air and can be sent back to the engine once again.

However, it is not always necessary to cool the engine, and it can sometimes be counter-productive. When you're trying to get things going on a cold frosty morning, you will want to encourage heat and not get rid of it, so you will need to prevent the coolant from flowing into the block. This is the thermostat's job, which sits within its own housing at a crucial junction point. It is effectively a valve that will open and close according to certain conditions and route the coolant in one direction or another.

Thermostat in Action

If the thermostat is closed, it will prevent liquid from flowing into the radiator for cooling purposes. However, when the fluid passing over the bottom surface of the thermostat reaches a given temperature, it will automatically open and allow this coolant to flow through to the radiator instead.

Dealing with a Faulty Thermostat

Sometimes, a thermostat can jam in a closed or open position. This could cause overheating issues or make it difficult for your vehicle to perform in certain conditions. If you suspect that a dodgy thermostat could be the cause of your overall problem, take the vehicle to a mechanic for a comprehensive service to find out. It is relatively easy to change a thermostat and it's not too expensive a proposition either.

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12 August 2022

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