Why Cleaning a Torque Converter is Essential for Your Car


The torque converter is an essential part of your car's transmission system. It helps keep your engine running at peak performance by transferring the power generated by your engine to the transmission. But, just like any other vehicle component, the torque converter needs regular maintenance and cleaning to stay in top condition. So, how can you ensure that it stays clean and works properly?

What Does a Torque Converter Do?

A torque converter is a fluid-filled device that sits in the middle of the transmission system. When you accelerate, it allows energy from the engine to be transferred efficiently to the transmission, allowing you to get up to speed quickly and smoothly. Without a torque converter, your car would struggle to move forward or even start up.

Why Should You Clean Your Torque Converter?

Keeping your torque converter clean is important because dirt and debris can build up over time. This can cause problems with shifting gears or reduce fuel efficiency due to decreased efficiency from the converter itself. Additionally, dirt and debris can adhere to the inside of the converter casing due to the force of the hydraulic fluid during normal operation. This can harden with time and be quite difficult to remove.

How To Clean Your Torque Converter

Cleaning a torque converter requires special tools and expertise that are only available at certified repair shops or dealerships. You should always take your car into one of these places when you need to clean your torque converter. During this process, they will remove all of the parts within the unit and use specialized cleaners designed specifically for this purpose to thoroughly clean all its components before reassembling them back into place. This cleaning regime will specifically target that hard accumulation on the inner walls of the casing itself, which could be problematic in the future. After cleaning the system, the mechanic will refill it with fresh fluid and check for leaks or any other potential issues that could impact performance.

What to Bear in Mind

It's essential to keep your car's torque converter clean so that your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently at all times. You should schedule a service appointment if you notice any issues with shifting gears or hear strange noises from underneath the bonnet. Even if you don't notice any particular problems, regular maintenance is crucial so that a mechanic can clean the converter and get rid of that stubborn dirt accumulation.

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17 March 2023

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