Are You Taking Care of Your Transmission Sump Properly?


As you may know, your car's automatic transmission contains a myriad of moving parts, all of which are very cleverly engineered to take the work out of driving. You may need an engineering degree to understand exactly how all this works, but you know that it needs to be maintained in good condition if you are to avoid problems in future. However, did you realise that the component that fits on the very bottom of the transmission casing and which stores the spare oil is just as important as the gears and bearings inside?

10 December 2018

Looking After Your Transfer Case for Uninterrupted Motoring


It seems that an increasing number of vehicles on the road are now becoming four-wheel-drive, as manufacturers look for reliability, stability and cater for a growing trend in customer demand. You may thus be thinking about overall maintenance and how this type of vehicle may differ from your traditional ride. Obviously, the main difference is drive to all four wheels and there is one particular component that is crucial when it comes to achieving this objective: the transfer case.

25 September 2018

How a Faulty Catalytic Converter Can Lead to Poor Performance


Do you feel as if your car is not performing as it should, as it is really sluggish when you're trying to overtake a slower vehicle? You may wonder what is wrong with the engine, especially if you recently took it in for a major service. However, the problem may not be related to the engine, per se, but could be within the exhaust system and in particular, the catalytic converter.

9 August 2018

Three Crucial Guidelines for Keeping Your Vehicle Roadworthy


If you are a vehicle owner, you must make sure that the automobile is in roadworthy condition at all times. If the car or truck is not in a good state, it will not be considered fit for registration renewal. Also, you cannot sell the vehicle if it is in poor condition. Fortunately, you can prevent the degradation of the automobile and ensure that it retains its roadworthiness by keeping up with the recommended services and mechanical repairs.

4 June 2018

Diff Repairs – Be On the Lookout for These Signs of Trouble


Although often underrated, your car's differential is actually a very fundamental auto part. When you are navigating a turn, you may be unaware that the outer wheels of your vehicle tend to rotate at a faster rate than those on the inner side of the turn. All automobiles have a differential system to ensure that there is adequate compensation when this occurs. Thus, your vehicle is capable of manoeuvring the corner because the differential makes up the difference in rotation!

10 April 2018

4 Signs You Should Replace Your Brake System's Master Cylinder


Most drivers will never even need to think about their braking system's master cylinder – it's an important part, but it's also one that should last the life of your vehicle. That said, no part is immune from damage. Your master cylinder may experience excessive wear or be contaminated with dirt that damages its tiny pistons and pins. The master cylinder is responsible for regulating the pressure of brake fluid, so one it's serious if yours begins to act up.

6 March 2018

Smash Repairs


Vehicles are one of the key transport mechanisms used worldwide to transport goods and people from one place to another. The immense number of vehicles has also caused there to be a huge pile-up of accidents that occur every day. These accidents come up due to various reasons such as driving under the influence and drivers not obeying road signs. When accidents involving vehicles happen, it is usually one car that has smashed into the other.

5 February 2018