How to Troubleshoot Air Suspension Issues on Your Truck


Many truck manufacturers opt to fit air suspension to their vehicles to make them more comfortable and easier to handle. This approach will typically help to support precious cargo on board, as it can produce less vibration. If you have a truck that is configured this way, however, you may be facing some issues and will want to know what could be going wrong and, crucially, what you should do.

29 September 2020

Which Transmission Problems Cause Drivers the Most Trouble?


Drivers will often drive on even when they need an auto transmission repair carried out. This is because many transmission repairs can be put off until later. After all, the car still drives. However, ignoring a transmission problem for any length of time can only make the problem worse. If so, the resulting auto transmission repair could be more costly. Consult a mechanic if you think your automatic transmission is developing a fault so that any issues can be picked up at an early stage.

13 August 2020

How Do You Know When Your Car's Water Pump Is Failing?


Cars are such a big convenience. They are also complex machines that need a keen eye when you need to detect a problem in good time, enabling you to fix it before it becomes catastrophic. Take the car's water pump for instance. In most vehicles, the water pumps or coolant pumps sit close to the timing chain and the engine, and these pumps have cooling functions. The pump circulates the coolant to maintain an optimal working temperature for the engine.

15 June 2020