What to Know About Common Audi Transmission Issues You May Experience


Owning an Audi has several advantages, but like any other vehicle, there are issues that will come up. Some of these issues are things such as flat tires, brake replacements or repair and basic servicing. There are some issues that you may run into that are common, but may be something unexpected or that you have not dealt with. Here are a few of the common Audi transmission issues you may experience and what you need to know about each one.

26 December 2017

2 Auto Service Checks That Will Ensure Your Car Has Safe Road Handling Abilities


Staying safe on the roads and protecting the lives of yourself, your passengers and your fellow drivers are important concerns for most car owners. There are many factors that contribute to car accidents, and some of them are simply out of your ability to control. However, there are many factors that you can control, and the way that your car handles on the road is one of them. Cars vary dramatically in their fundamental road handling abilities depending on the make, model, size and age of your car.

3 November 2017

What Causes Manual Transmission Failures?


Like any other car owner, you want your vehicle to function reliably at all times. Arranging for routine car servicing is critical in this regard, as it helps to identify and remedy problems early, in turn, minimising the need to perform costly repairs. If you drive a manual car, one of the costly repairs you can prevent by taking your car for regular servicing is manual transmission repairs. Manual transmissions are complex mechanical systems, which regulate the transfer of power from the engine of a car to the driveshaft in order to turn the wheels and make the vehicle move.

27 October 2017

How to Tell When Your Car's Automatic Transmission Is Suffering


The average transmission system on a modern car is designed to last for a long time, perhaps even for the life of the vehicle. However, it's not indestructible and as an owner, you need to understand how important it is to conduct regular maintenance. Most important of all, you need to keep an eye on the fluid, as this is the most important component. What should you do, to ensure that your automatic transmission lasts as long as possible?

31 May 2017

What You Need to Consider Before You Take Your Car Hopping


Do you want to take advantage of one of the latest crazes to hit the Australian auto market? You may have seen people driving around in low riders and would love to convert your car accordingly. However, how does this type of hydraulic equipment really work and would it be suitable for your vehicle? Hydraulic Adjustment Manufacturers will typically design a car so that it sits in a certain position for everyday use and this is uniform across a model range.

31 May 2017

Why Used Car Buyers Should Perform a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection


Poorly maintained and serviced cars can breakdown at any time, but they are also potential road safety hazards. Routine car inspections are meant to check the general condition of a car so as to minimise vehicular failures and prevent car accidents. Hence, a car inspection schedule is required to make sure car owners take their vehicles for periodic checks in order to keep the vehicle in roadworthy condition. But existing car owners are not the only ones that need car inspections — used car buyers also need to have these inspections performed prior to finalising any purchase transaction.

8 May 2017

Warning Signs That Your Oil Filter May Be Compromised


Your vehicle's oil filter is one of the components that you may never have to deal with for the duration of owning your car. The reason for this is the oil filter tends to be one of the auto parts that will function properly as long as you ensure that your vehicle gets proper servicing. Nevertheless, there are some instances when the oil filter may start to fail, and it would be prudent to know the symptoms so that its malfunctioning does not affect the other components of your vehicle.

25 April 2017

Warning Signs Your Vehicle Requires Transmission Servicing


For your vehicle to stay in optimum condition, it needs to be taken for routine car servicing. However, this does not imply that if problems arise before your car is due for servicing they should be ignored. A mistake some people make is overlooking the symptoms of a transmission system that is in decline, assuming that the vehicle will be able to stay functional until it is taken for a service.

18 April 2017

Truck Repairs: Common Issues and How to Avoid Them


As a long haul trucker, the open road poses the risk of a host of hazards when it comes to the performance of your vehicle. Between rough terrain and erratic weather conditions, it is likely that issues with your vehicle can crop up when least expected. Minor truck repairs will not leave you stranded. However, you need to know how to spot underlying problems with your vehicle to ensure that they are tended to before you are back on the road hauling freight.

11 April 2017

Step-By-Step Procedure for Changing Differential Oil


What's the differential? The differential (or diff) is a component in the drivetrain of all vehicles that lets the outer wheels rotate at a faster speed than the inner wheels, allowing for better control of the vehicle when turning and less wear and tear of the tyres. One type of differential service required to keep the diff working properly and prevent unexpected failures is differential oil change. Unfortunately, many vehicle owners do not usually change differential oil as frequently as required.

5 April 2017